Damien commenced his successful consultancy business in January 2010. He has worked with over 30 clients on major projects over this period.

He commenced his working life in welfare, at Wesley Central Mission, Melbourne, in 1976 as its first Coordinator of Social Activities. He was responsible for establishing and developing educational and welfare programs in the city for a variety of age groups.

From there he moved as first Administrator of The Caroline Chisholm Society Community Health Centre in Moonee Ponds. He led and managed a multi-disciplinary team of health professional, oversaw the development and marketing of the Centre and managed the financial accountability aspects related to the Companies Act (Victoria).

He added to his initial theology degree and completed a Bachelor of Education.

He was head-hunted by the Catholic Education Office, Ballarat, and commenced as its first Secondary Education Consultant (Religious Education) in 1983. This followed successful teaching experience at St Columba’s College, Essendon, where he was also Head of Pastoral Care.

His duties in Ballarat included providing professional consultancy to the secondary colleges of the diocese, developing the professional development program for teachers, introducing a scholarship program, supporting the development of a succession program for future leaders, and, resource production and development. He completed a Master of Theology degree during this period and also lectured in post graduate studies.

From 1990 – 1996 Damien was Executive Officer of Faith Education Services in Brisbane Catholic Education (BCE) prior to his appointment as its only Director Religious Education and Curriculum Services from January 1997 until he resigned in December 2009. In this role he directly led and managed a team of 40 dynamic professionals across a number of key areas who supported the on-going formation, professional learning and technical development of teachers. He oversaw the development and publication of a vast range of educational resources.

He also convened and coordinated most of the major cultural events of the organisation between 1990 and 2009, including celebrations for the 150 years of Catholic Schooling, and gatherings of all staff (over 5000 people) in 1995 and in 2001. He contributed actively and positively to the collaborative decision making culture of the BCE Leadership Team in all major strategic, policy, resourcing, financial and accountability processes. He acted as Executive Director on several occasions during his 13 years in leadership.

He contributed positively to the work of the National Catholic Education Commission through membership of one of its standing commitees over two terms of appointment in the 1980’s and 2000’s. He also represented the Catholic Education sector in Queensland in many of the educational reform processes, including the development of the former Queensland Studies Authority.

He also has a fine self depracating sense of humour.